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Dmitry Nikolaev in a suit, exuding energy and confidence as he holds a microphone while running, setting the stage for captivating projects.

Projects and interviews

Dmitry Nikolaev is an experienced ballroom dance instructor dedicated to helping others learn the beauty of ballroom dancing. Here you can find a collection of some media about Dmitry and get to know him better. Explore ballroom dancing and learn more about Dmitry's recent projects. 

Thumbnail from a USDC interview on Ballroom Backstage. Winners Troels Bagger and Ina Jeliazkova interviewed by Dmitry Nikolaev and Babette Brown. Captured with the Sirui Anamorphic 35mm lens.


Talk show hosted by Dmitry Nikolaev featuring entertaining insights and exclusive interviews with ballroom dance professionals. Show travels to the most prestigious ballroom dance competitions around United States. Follow it on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook


In-depth interview with Dmitry Nikolaev who is a 10 times national champion of Belarus, runner up in the Fred Astaire's world championships, unbelievably talented film maker and a visionary of behind the scenes show Ballroom Backstage.

Thumbnail from the DanceArt&Life podcast interview. Dmitry Nikolaev as the interviewee, hosted by Daniel Buhala. Exploring the world of dance, art, and life
Thumbnail from the captivating dance show 'Rumba' by Dmitry Nikolaev and Babette Brown


Stunning, rapid and intense video of the preparations for the shows includes dozens videos of Dmitry and Babette from  shows and trainings.  


Dance Vision's 10th Podcast episode of Conversations With Wayne Eng in this first series! Wayne interviews Dmitry Nikolaev - Beautiful Ballroom Dancer, and host of Ballroom Dancer

Dmitry Nikolaev engaged in a discussion with Wayne Eng, interviewed at the Dance Vision office
Babette Brown in a striking red dress, performing in a captivating dance show with Dmitry Nikolaev


Story about love and love only. They have struggles along the way, but her love keeps them going and makes them stronger. Sensual show from Dmitry Nikolaev and Babette Brown.

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