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This course is absolutely free

Dance Course: Movement Blueprint

Movement Blueprint: Mastering Ballroom Dance (Ideal for American Rhythm and International Latin)


Welcome to a course that will take your dance skills to the next level.This course is an ideal continuation of your dance journey, encompassing a unique system I've developed over my extensive career. It's structured around 5 key steps to enhance your dance journey: Weight, Spine, Center, Lines, and Attractiveness. We delve deep into each aspect, unpacking their intricacies and offering a practical blueprint for you to practice independently.

This dance course is incredibly hands-on, filled with exercises that are designed to be accessible even if you're encountering these concepts for the first time. In fact, it mirrors the way we teach children, introducing concepts sequentially in a logical order. Each module includes a theoretical component, practical exercises, and a practice routine. No partner is required, making it perfect for solo learners.

You'll find yourself returning to this course time and again. Think of it as a workbook that accompanies you on your dance journey, always ready to guide and inspire. Best of all, it's absolutely free. I created this course to help my students accelerate their progress, enabling them to quickly reach the most exhilarating part of dance: discovering their own unique personality and artistry on the dance floor.

This course is a culmination of years of experience, hard work, late nights, and the immense joy of dancing. I'm thrilled to share this journey with you.


For the best experience with this course, I recommend having a foundational understanding of ballroom dance. Ideally, you should have completed at least 6 to 10 lessons, either with myself or another instructor, to fully benefit from the material covered. 

This course is ideal for anyone eager to take their ballroom dancing to the next level and quickly reach the most enjoyable part: discovering their own unique personality and artistry on the dance floor. It's designed for those who seek a systematic approach to learning, desire a deeper understanding of ballroom dance, and wish to retain and revisit key concepts to continually enhance their skills.

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Hi, I am Dmitry Nikolaev

a professional ballroom dancer and host of Ballroom BackStage. I've competed in over 500 competitions, with numerous victories under my belt. My career highlights include top 24 couples in the world, top 12 at the world cup in Singapore, Silver medal at the Fred Astaire World Championships. As a teacher I've guided students to significant achievements, including pro-am world titles. Now, I share my expertise and love for dance through online show 'Ballroom BackStage', bringing insights from the world of competitive ballroom dancing.

Movement Blueprint: Mastering Ballroom Dance (Ideal for American Rhythm and International Latin)

Feel free to explore any lecture that catches your interest. However, keep in mind that this course is structured in a specific order to gradually build your knowledge and understanding. For your convenience, the entire course is available on YouTube. You can easily access the full playlist on my channel.


This course is will have 27 videos total. Videos gradually uploaded and full course will be available soon.

Below just click to watch any lecture.  

Introduction to the Movement Blueprint: Mastering Ballroom Dance (Ideal for American Rhythm and International Latin) course and welcome words from Dmitry Nikolaev

In this video, we provide an overview of the 5 key elements that underpin our dance system. Gain a clear understanding of weight, spine, center, lines, and the art of being attractive, laying the groundwork for your dance mastery.

In this 1st lesson "Weight Concept Breakdown" , we dive into the fundamental concept of weight in ballroom dance. This knowledge is invaluable for both International Latin and American Rhythm styles.

In this initial session, we dive into basic exercises designed to help you connect with your weight and develop control with lightning speed. Lay the groundwork by mastering the essential concept of weight. Great for Latin and American Rhythm

In this segment of Lesson 1 "Weight Exercise B" , we delve deeper into weight control with a focus on the Cross Over Step, known as the 'New Yorker' in International Latin dance. Explore the dynamics of the back foot and gain a understanding of weight distribution in this essential ballroom dance move. Great for Latin and American Rhythm Recommended: 3-5 minutes. no music needed.

In this lecture for Latina and American Rhythm "Cuban Action and Hip Movement Basics. Think Starbucks!", we cover the fundamentals of Cuban action and explore the mechanics of hip movement in dance. Gain a solid understanding of these essential concepts

In this lecture "Dance Center Breakdown", we delve into the concept of the dance center and its profound impact on your performance. Discover how it can either add concentration or expansiveness to your movements, much like the difference between a raw and boiled egg. Gain insights into how your muscles play a crucial role in achieving the desired effect.

In this lesson "Understanding the Centerline", we explore the concept of the centerline, an element in dance where all your movements revolve around- it is a continuation of understanding center. Mastering this will make your dance much more precise and refined. Great for Latin and American Rhythm

In this lesson, we explore simple yet effective exercises designed to help you connect with and feel your dance center. These exercises are key to enhancing your understanding and control of this crucial aspect of dance, providing a solid foundation for all your movements.

This lesson continues our exploration of the 5 key elements, with a focus on the spine. Learn how the spine serves as your vertical support, actively participating in your movements. We’ll delve into techniques to mobilize and utilize your spine, which is essential for achieving the quintessential ‘dancer’s posture

In this lesson "Movement Concept" , we delve into the dynamic aspect of dance, emphasizing that dance is not static but a fluid movement through space. We'll explore how all our techniques and mechanics are designed to function in motion, rather than just focusing on poses. This session will help you understand and apply the concept of continuous movement to enhance your dancing skills.

In this session, we introduce practical exercises designed to reinforce the movement concepts from Lesson 5. These exercises will help you practice and internalize the principles of fluid movement, ultimately enhancing your ability to move gracefully in dance.

Lesson 6: Lesson 6: Mastering the Centerline Shift

In this lesson, we focus on understanding how your spine – your vertical center – shifts from side to side as you walk and maintain balance in dance. You'll also receive a specific exercise to practice this concept. This lesson is invaluable for developing a deeper awareness and control of your body movements in ballroom dance.

In this lesson, we delve into the critical concept of neutral position, offering a straightforward explanation of what it is and why it's essential for your dancing. Understanding and maintaining a neutral position is key to improving your dance technique and overall performance. We'll explore its importance and provide practical tips to integrate it into your dancing journey.

This lesson addresses a common oversight in dance: the tendency to drop the opposite side when stepping forward, leading to imbalance. We often find ourselves over-tensing one side of the body while the other side becomes overly relaxed. In this quick yet insightful lesson, we cover the concept of side drop to help you recognize and correct this imbalance in your practice, ensuring smoother and more balanced movements.

In this lesson, we investigate the concept of lines, beginning with the internal lines of the body before extending to those we create externally, such as with our arms. We’ll discuss how to build lines from the foot to the opposite side and their relevance to fundamental dance movements like the walk, providing a deeper understanding of line creation in dance.

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