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1 / How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is 45 min. 

2 / This is my first lesson ever...

Don't worry I got you! Lest have fun, try different styles, move with different music, and find something you like. Something that evokes emotion in you, makes you smile. Then we create a tailor made program for you consisting of dances and styles that is beneficial and complementary to each other. 

3 / What should I wear for my lessons?

For your first lesson please wear something comfortable, casual clothing would do the trick. Most importantly wear close toe shoes. No flip-flops or high heels. I always say think Converse shoes - flat, sturdy, breathable. Later on I will help you out to choose right dance shoes and dance attire. Don't be surprised, like golf or skiing, we have styles trends, brands that help you to look awesome on the dance floor.   

4 / How many people can be on a lesson?

Private Lessons are for up to two people. 

5 / I don't have a partner

Don't worry! You don't need to have one! I will be your dance partner. This is called pro-am . When a professional is teaming up with amateur for a purpose of learning or competing. 

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